Must, can't, will

Jazz at Five has come and gone. Now is the time to put past triumphs behind us and look toward the future.

Yes, the future may seem frightening, with its promise of advanced cyber-larceny and zombie uprisings. Genetically modified crops will eventually gain sentience and decide they’d be much happier if they were eating us. Our cruel machine overlords will make excessive demands, like eliminating flex time for all but the highest paid executives. Every new day promises to be a waking nightmare of oppression, despair, and terrible inconvenience. Unless…

What if, in this dark, dark world, there was still some vestige of humanity that cried out to comfort your battered soul? What if the arts, letters, music, cinema, and internet cat pictures somehow managed to survive, even thrive, through harrowing times, giving us hope and a reason to live?

Major Vistas is doing its part toward this end. Not only will they be performing again in October, but there is already a rash of new material waiting impatiently to be spread onto a public starved for a ray of light in the dark ravine that is tomorrow.

Or, maybe October 14 will roll around and you’ll be bored, wondering what to do, and you’re sick of all the damn Marvel superhero movies and you’ll think about seeing some live music. Either way, Gentle Reader, Major Vistas will be here for you! Watch this page for updates.

-Urban Van Hoof