Major Vistas Is Playing Again Soon! Outside! In August!

Preparations are well under way for what may well prove to be Major Vistas' finest and hottest performance yet. The intrepid trio will be performing in direct sunlight and unleashing countless (three) new compositions upon an unsuspecting but enthusiastic public on August 10 at five PM. The event has been confirmed, but there are still details to consider. Details such as: where do we park? Can we park right at the place? The drummer remembers having parked right at the place before, but maybe things have changed. It's been a few years. Maybe it's different now. All things are transitory. Changes occur all the time in this world. One minute you're young and alive and you're thinking about moving to San Francisco to pursue a degree in the anthropomorphic arts, then the next minute you're alone in a dark room opening your fifth Toblerone of the day and it's not even three in the afternoon. Everything that went wrong, you wonder how different, how much better it could have been, if only you'd been smarter, faster, more in control. There was that time at the museum when you ruined a valuable friendship because you disparaged Henry Moore a little too much. And that dinner party where your Dick Cavett impression drew a lot of silent opprobrium. And so many others. Today's Major Vistas rehearsal was an entirely different affair. Professional, convivial, productive: everything Major Vistas strives toward. Sources tell me that the new material is evolving at a terrifying rate. Soon AM and FM radio alike will be dominated by Bucheit's Modulus and Weiser's Steady Struttin' and Translucent. Each of these compositions is unique in style and deportment, but they all reflect the Major Vistas ethos: harmony, chords, rhythms, notes, tempos. Volume. Dexterity. Musicness. Insight. Good manners. Sonic properties. That's the Major Vistas promise. That's what's going on now. More updates to follow after next rehearsal. Until then, keep on Vista-ing! – Urban Van Hoof