Olympics Fever: Contract It! Then Spread It!

If you're like the members of Major Vistas, you've been a virtual shut-in the last few days, watching the Olympic games with a nationalistic fervor that borders on the pathological. And why not? The Olympics bring out the best in us all: competition, sportsmanship, judging, the idealization of the superhuman, high-tech sportswear, and statistics. But it's all too easy to stare at a screen, isolated from society, silently and tearfully worshiping your genetic betters. As much as this momentarily lends our lives meaning, sometimes it might be healthy to get out and be around people. And Major Vistas is all about people. On Wednesday, the ensemble will be performing for gaggles, even herds, of people. And one of them could be you, Dear Reader! Please consider joining the gaggles with the band, who I understand have been working on amazing new material and will no doubt put on a worthwhile hour, give or take, of solid entertainment. The logistics have been ironed out. Soundchecks are being discussed. Uniforms are being pressed, rejected by the Central Committee, redesigned and pressed again. Between bands (see the Jazz at 5 website for details), perhaps you can catch the ear of a fellow attendee and wonder aloud about how they don't wear speedos anymore or the nefarious new Russian practice of wearing red and blue to confuse us. Perhaps these issues can never be resolved. No matter. What matters is, for a couple hours, we'll have crawled out from behind our walls of solitude and had a shared experience. Thanks, Major Vistas! -Urban Van Hoof